Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple things

Just the simplest of things can change the way we look at our day. Just like seeing a bright colored bird sitting on a branch. This is a time of year where we can see so much of God's lovely creation. Enjoy watching for the simple things this summer. 

Think little things don't matter? I have been doing OIP/HF/E and PBS every night before I go to bed and wow, it has made a difference in how I sleep at night. It has also been helping with my knee and back issues. Little things matter! AND little things can add up over time.

I have made a few T-Tapp goals this month. One of the biggest goals I am working on is NOT measuring every week. That is a hard one for me as that is how I "measure" my success with T-Tapp. I have kept my original goal of not weighing since I started on March 8 and now I am wanting to not measure until the end of the current 6 week calendar from the "6 weeks to a new you thread". I am doing the TWO EOD and am already feeling a difference in my clothes. I have been keeping a diary of the clothes that I have tried on and what they look and feel like so I can note changes at the end of the 6 weeks.

There have been 2 blog entries that have been a huge help for me lately and I wanted to share them with you all.
The first is from Kayla : "Is this the best you can do?"
And the next is from Charlotte: dramatic results